Cute Tiny House Porches

The Tiny House movement has taken the world by storm. Tiny houses are popping up everywhere as alternative ways to live, boasting lower costs than having the burden of a traditional mortgage, along with the ability to move around and travel like a camper. Laws vary from state to state on tiny houses, but the popularity of this movement is sure to encourage a change in laws soon.

In the meantime, enjoy a look at how porches and sunrooms can work on these cute tiny homes….


Here’s an example of a porch that can be shared by two tiny houses!



This tiny house in Plymouth, Massachusetts has a very nice screened in porch attached. It’s the most complete tiny house porch we’ve seen yet.

tiny house screened in porch


Just a simple porch on a tiny house makes for extra living space.

tiny house cabin with porch


This 160 square foot tiny house in Vermont boasts a rustic wrap around porch.

tiny house wrap around porch


This next tiny space is called the Caboose by Wheelhaus. It’s a 400 square foot living space with multiple deck / porch options.

tiny home


Here is another one by Wheelhaus. This model is called the Wedge.

tiny house


This 480 square foot home has a large screened in porch add on.



This last tiny house is by Richardson Architects has an inviting porch that works on any size house.

Tiny House Porch