Green Ideas for your Porch

Being green and environmentally conscientious is a noble and intelligent cause. Doing good for the planet can be challenging when it comes to decorating and renovating. We’ve found some very clever ideas when it comes to being green and creating a space for people to gather.

Check out these great ideas below…


This first one is a clever build. This entire porch is constructed with wood from old pallets. A great recycled porch.

pallet porch

pallet porch

pallet porch


This porch was made complete with a stylish and original wall of recycled windows.

window wall porch


We’ve seen clever uses for recycled pallets, why not make your patio furniture for your porch out of them?

pallet patio furniture


Here is yet another example of pallet patio furniture. A simple idea, and just awaiting cushions…

couch made of pallets


Using pallets is a clever and green way to build from recycled materials. This example below shows us that creativity can extend beyond just the upcycle. Make the space look good with some paint!




How about a coffee table made from old tires? Sounds like it wouldn’t work right, but this one did…

tire table


Finally, we have a wonderful idea for a porch swing. This porch swing uses an upcycled door as the backing. This idea could extend to a nice bench or other furniture possibilities.

upcyled porch swing


We hope you enjoyed these great ways to green up your porch space.  If you have other ideas, leave them in the comments below!